Pitch Perfect: It’s not the “What” but the “Why” that matters most

Getting great feedback on this post. It appears to be a hot topic for those out there creating and starting new businesses. Enjoy!

NYCVanity, Vanity Reformed

  As we here at NYCVanity embark on the next phase of our launch we have been forced to look long and hard at our product pitch. And yes, we hate the word pitch because none of us work everyday to create new designs and products and source just the right finishes in order that we may simplify all of those efforts down into something as inconsequential and artistically irrelevant as a…pitch. However, it is a hard fact that if you cannot talk about your work, your product, your output in a way that piques the interest of an audience then not only are you dead in the water but perhaps so too is your masterpiece. If you have an issue lauding your own praises then you shouldn’t start your own business. You must shed like an old snakeskin that faux modesty that many of us were raised with, the “it’s rude to talk about your…

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