Tiny Living’s Dirty Little Secret: Bathroom Diaries

NYCVanity - Tiny House

We, at NYCVanity, love the innovation being used in the relatively new tiny house revolution. To start, let’s accept that tiny houses have been around for a very long time, however, instead of their newly branded term they would go by names like: mobile home or modular home. What’s fantastic about this new resurgence is their focus on minimalism. In the show Tiny House Nation by FYI Television, prospective tiny house owners are forced to thin out their belongings and pare them back to the bare minimum: in one recent episode, even the cats didn’t make the cut! This is an exercise (maybe sans ditching the cats) that everyone could endeavor to do to help simplify their lifestyle. Less really can be more insomuch as your attentions can turn away from constant accumulation of more stuff, which then require ongoing repair storage and maintenance. Not only do these small quarters require one to re-evaluate their hoarding tendencies, but they are also unique in their ability to create multi-functional spaces: think of the kitchen aisle/dog crate from the recent episode.

With all the pros it’s hard to come up with any cons. But here it goes…the one space that is almost always quickly panned over during the grand reveal is…the bathroom. In the last episode of Tiny House Nation, the bathroom, while completely functional, lacked a door! An opaque curtain was used in its stead. Come on people….a curtain? So, while this is an obvious miss and the bathroom is a space often ignored, there are concepts we can learn from the Tiny House revolution to make our bathrooms more spacious! Below are the secrets to making tiny work in your bathroom.

Think Low and Think High: Tiny Houses create storage both above and below traditional objects.

1) In this example the space beneath the pedestal sinks is used for additional storage.

 2)There is often space on a wall adjacent your sink area and between the shower for additional storage features.

3) Below illustrates a functional and aesthetic copper pipe ladder shelf for towels and toilet paper which utilizes ample unused wall space.

 Combo usage: Tiny houses enlist the help of multi-use objects.

4) This bathroom tub has been modified to create stow and go shelving for bathroom product storage.

5) This re-imagined medicine cabinet is a stylish option with both a fully functional mirror and shelving area.

 Function & Form: Smaller spaces use objects that look attractive and serve a purpose

6) This latticed storage is visually attractive and allows the user to store in plain sight.

7) This stand serves many purposes, with ample storage compartments the stand may also be used as a temporary prep space for grooming.

7) For the wild at heart, this wine barrel storage solution is eye catching and spacious.

8) This portable vanity workspace can nest over your pedestal sink and creates space for beauty prep. It’s a nice solution for those with pedestal sinks and no vanity cabinetry.

9) This solution for stacking toilet paper is also a very modern and clean look which creates a thin stackable line and eliminates to store these beneath the sink or in a hallway closet.

The tips above work well in bathrooms since they are typically the smallest room in a living space. However, these tips can be used in any room in a house to reduce clutter, gain more living space and create more attractive yet functional pieces. Remember, the tiny living movement isn’t for everyone, we can’t all live in less than 300sq ft. but we can all leverage its innovative concepts to fully utilize space to create more functional living room in our homes.

Brandon Kelly 
CEO & Co-Founder of NYCVanity – home of The Palit